Laura Eusanio

Dietician Laura Eusanio is a 28-year employee of Centers for Dialysis Care. Over the years, Laura has witnessed CDC’s continued growth, while benefiting from the work-life-balance opportunities CDC provides to employees and relishing in the spectacular comradery of the nutrition department. Read more about Laura and her journey at CDC below. 

Q&A with Laura

What brought you to CDC?  

I was working full-time at Metro Health Medical Center when my coworker, Pam Kent, introduced me to the CDC Mentor dietitian. I began following the evening shift of dialysis patients at the Mentor facility. I enjoyed working with these patients weekly. The rapport you build over time is essential and valuable in really knowing the patient and what assistance they need to manage their renal failure. I enjoyed my time in Mentor and took a full-time position at CDC East when it became available. My colleagues were great to work with and I learned so much about dialysis from them and our Medical Director, Dr. DeOreo 

Several years later I returned to Mentor to work part-time while I raised my daughters. I appreciated the ability to work near home. CDC continued to grow and expand over the years, allowing me to return to full-time work. The camaraderie of the nutrition department is spectacular!  

What advice can you offer to new employees of CDC? 

I would advise them to allow plenty of time to learn from their coworkers. They are your teammates and are there to help you succeed. Also, learn more about your fellow departments. Patients will likely have needs outside of your immediate expertise so it’s essential to collaborate with your extended team to best address those situations.   

What has kept you at CDC for so long? 

While I have worked as a dietitian at CDC since 1992, I cannot say that the job has been the same.  I believe this is what has kept me here so long. Growth and adaption have kept CDC an asset to the communities we serve. So much has changed in the treatment of renal patients, from new meds, treatments and protocols. COVID-19 has required additional steps in infection control which will be our new norm. We can never be too careful. 

Tell us about life outside of work. 

I have lived in Lake County my whole life and have been married for 30 years now! We have two daughters and our lovable dog, Miley. In my free time, I enjoy hiking in the local parks, exercising, and tending to my flowers and landscaping. I am looking forward to the day we can add socializing with family and friends to our activities again.