Many helpful groups and organizations have been established to assist you, your families and caregivers. These organizations provide assistance, such as financial grants, monthly newsletters with information about kidney disease and brochures about renal disease. You have the opportunity to become a member of these organizations.

The Minority Organ Tissue Transplant Education Program (MOTTEP )

MOTTEP is a program that promotes education and awareness in the greater Cleveland Minority population about organ and tissue donation, transplantation and issues that are related to disease prevention and wellness. MOTTEP of Cleveland uses a community based approach, with ethnically similar messengers to dispel the myths and misconceptions that prevent minorities from participating in this life giving and life saving procedure.

CDC East
11717 Euclid Avenue.
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
(216) 229-6170 ext. 151

Renal Network

Dialysis facilities in Ohio participate in an organization called The Renal Network. Facility representatives meet regularly to establish standards of care for patients with kidney disease. The Renal Network has a Patient Advisory Council (PAC) that represents all patients in the Network. Some of our dialysis centers have patient representatives on The Renal Network PAC. Information about The Renal Network and the PAC may be obtained from your Social Worker, your facility PAC or by contacting:

The Renal Network
911 E. 86th. Street Suite 202
Indianapolis, Indiana 46240

Kidney Foundation Of Ohio (KFO)

Kidney Foundation of Ohio (KFO) provides a variety of educational and support services to you, your families and caregivers. Information about services may be obtained by contacting the KFO Program Services Coordinator or asking your Social Worker.

The Kidney Foundation of Ohio (KFO)
2831 Prospect Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115-2606
(216) 771-2700