Your Patient Care Team

A team of staff will be working with you to provide your care. You will see at least two or more of these members of your care team every treatment.


Primary Physician

You may have a primary physician who follows your care for medical problems not related to your dialysis or kidney

failure. He or she will continue to play an active role in your care in collaboration with your primary nephrologist (kidney doctor).

Primary Nephrologist

Your kidney doctor may also be your primary doctor and will care for all of your medical needs. Your primary nephrologist works directly with our dialysis facility to oversee your care on dialysis, as well as managing your chronic renal failure outside of the dialysis setting. This is the doctor who will give us orders to direct your care in our dialysis clinic. It is very important that you see your kidney doctor in their office as often as he/she suggests which is usually every 1-3 months.

Rounding Nephrologist

While you are on dialysis, it is important that a physician make rounds to see you as you dialyze. This kidney doctor may not be your primary nephrologist. We call this physician the “rounding nephrologist.” Your care is coordinated through communication between the rounding nephrologist and your primary nephrologist. You should expect to see this doctor at least once a month while you are at dialysis.

Patient Care Technicians and Nurses

The patient care technician works under the supervision of the registered nurse(RN)and is responsible for placing your needles, starting your treatment, monitoring you during treatment and stopping your treatment.

The licensed practical nurse (LPN) performs the same functions as the patient care technician. In addition, the LPN may administer medications and assist in care planning.

The registered nurse(RN) can perform all the same functions of the technician as well as help you with your medical needs, call your doctor if needed, give you medications on dialysis and help with any problems you may have on dialysis. Every treatment there will be a registered nurse in charge of your care who will check on your needs.

Nutrition Services

The dietitian works with you to set up a diet that best meets your needs and provides ongoing support.

Social Services

The social workers will assist you with support and counseling in times of need. They can provide you with information regarding financial resources, transportation and make referrals to community agencies. They also help with insurance and travel.

Patient Service Representatives (PSR)

The PSRs work collaboratively with the social workers in the larger dialysis units. The PSR works on issues of transportation, insurance, and assisting with your travel needs.

Creative Arts Therapists

Creative arts therapists are available at most of our facilities. This staff is trained in music or art and provides patients with education, supplies and support to express themselves through art or music.

Volunteer Services

Volunteer services are available at our centers to provide friendly visits and activities with patients.