Northeast Ohio Renal Alliance, LLC.

The Centers for Dialysis Care (CDC), northeast Ohio’s largest independent dialysis provider, has been selected by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to participate in the Comprehensive End-Stage-Renal-Disease Care (CEC) Model. As a participant in the CEC Model, CDC has created a partnership to improve the care of ESRD (end stage renal disease) patients between CDC, vascular surgeons, nephrologists, and other health care providers.  Northeast Ohio Renal Alliance, LLC also known as an ESRD Seamless Care organization (ESCO), joins 13 other ESCOs across the nation that were launched in late 2015.  This new model of payment and care at select CDC facilities will evaluate if the results improve health outcomes for patients with ESRD at a lower cost to the Medicare system. The ESCO serves a population of approximately 600 Medicare patients with ESRD who receive dialysis services in Northeast Ohio.  Medicare patients will be matched to the ESCO by CMS according to where the patient received their ‘first touch’ at a CDC participating ESCO unit.

“For over 40 years CDC has been a leader in providing patient centered quality care for patients with kidney disease. We are excited that CMS, through their innovation center, has developed a mechanism to test various strategies to integrate care for patients with ESRD and has chosen CDC to participate. CDC’s staff, many of our referring physicians and community health care partners can work collaboratively to develop new models that will transform the way care is provided to our patients” said Diane Wish, CDC Chief Executive Officer.

Dialysis patients have complex care needs that often involve several health care providers and result in care that is often not coordinated among the providers or care settings. Care for each patient in the ESCO will now be coordinated by a Care Manager who will assist in transitions in care, vascular access placement, community based services, and health care system navigation.  Ultimately, care coordination will provide a more patient-centered care experience, which should improve a patient’s health.

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