Dialysis Social Work Services

Due to the End-Stage Renal Disease Program established by Medicare, Masters level social workers are mandated in each dialysis facility. Dialysis social workers are a very important member of each patient’s health care team. They personally assist patients and their families in dealing with presenting concerns and problem-solving due to renal failure. Such as:

Health and Wellness


Counseling and Advocacy

  • Psychosocial counseling to patients and family
  • Depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders
  • Crisis intervention for patients and family
  • Acts as an advocate for patients between facility staff and community
  • Marital and family stress
  • Death and dying concerns
  • Body image issues
  • Sexual dysfunction and intimacy

Patient and Family Education

  • Treatment options
  • Services and equipment availability

Community Education

  • About renal dialysis

Coordination of Resources and Referrals

  • Assist patients in locating and then completing grants for the corresponding needs:
    -Prescription coverage
  • Advance directives
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Physical, occupational and speech rehabilitation
  • Home health services
    -Passport and Options programs
    -Waiver program
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Support groups and mental health programs
  • Referrals to hospice, nursing homes and assisted living facilities