Adele Hix

This employee spotlight features Adele Hix, Advanced Clinical Nurse at CDC Warrensville. Adele graduated from Robert Packer Hospital School of Nursing in 1977 and entered the dialysis field in 1981. She fell in love with renal nursing and never looked back.

Adele obtained her BSN from Elmira College in 1984. Following her marriage and move to Burton, Ohio, she began working at Hillcrest Hospital where she met Dr. Siegel, a nephrologist. After asking him where he sent his dialysis patients, he introduced her to CDC, where she began her career at Dialysis Associates/CDC Warrensville in 1993.

More About Adele

Adele obtained board certification as a nephrology nurse in 1994 and worked with a team to open CDC Heather Hill. Shortly after Heather Hill opened, Adele returned to Warrensville where she met Dr. Cinti, who she credits with helping her become a more confident renal nurse.

Through her role as a nephrology nurse, Adele finds great satisfaction watching her patients improve over time and identifying the best ways to teach and care for them as individuals. She also enjoys the autonomy of dialysis nursing and the ability to work closely with nephrologists to care for each individual patient.

When peritoneal dialysis became an option in the mid-1980s, Adele and a coworker set up the protocols and instruction manual for training. At that time, they were caring for about 30 home dialysis patients. Adele notes that PD has changed over time with the advent of the cycler.

When orienting new employees, Adele likes to answer questions instead of “lecturing or instructing.” Answering questions helps to unleash the knowledge that she has stored in the “back filing cabinets of her mind.” She feels the dialysis process is secondary to the care that she gives. She likes to connect with patients using humor, so the time spent on treatment is more uplifting and less of a burden.

Adele states she has maintained her employment with Centers for Dialysis Care because she feels patients and employees are cared for and there is a local focus, much different from a national chain. When she worked at Heather Hill, Adele would often run into patients and families outside of work. They came to know her as a community member as well as a nurse, giving her a sense of pride. She also credits the team at Warrensville for her long-standing, fulfilling career.

Something her coworkers may not know is she is the last reigning (1974) Miss Wyalusing, the town in Pennsylvania where she grew up. She is also a previous Miss Hope (1978) for the county in which she lived and worked. On a personal note, Adele’s hobbies are crocheting and reading. She also welcomed her first granddaughter into the world on March 14, 2020. Being a grandmother has brought her much joy and comfort during this crazy pandemic year.

For more than 27 years Adele has called CDC home, and we are thankful for her kind, exceptional care for the patients at CDC Warrensville.