Jan Pollock

In the spotlight this week is Jan Pollock, BSN. Jan’s journey at CDC began back in 1988 after she responded to an ad in the Plain Dealer for a part-time position. More than three decades later she leads the team at CDC West as RN Facility Manager.

Q&A with Jan

Tell us a little about yourself and how you started at CDC.

I happened to see an ad in the Plain Dealer for a dialysis job that offered a four-day work week. Even though I was not familiar with dialysis at the time, it was a good opportunity since I was going to school part time for my BSN and needed a schedule that could accommodate both work and school. On January 4, 1988, I started at CDC East under Pat Helm, our DON, and Dr. Lanning, our medical director. Seven years later CDC opened our West unit, and since I live in Parma Heights, I applied. I was the only nurse here for a time and worked with many great techs — some of whom are still here! As West’s census grew, I became the nursing supervisor.

Over the course of 30+ years at CDC, what is one of your professional accomplishments you are most proud of?

CDC East was going through a major remodel and needed to move out at least 50 patients. The decision was made to use our Unit 2 to accommodate these patients and it was a huge success on many levels. All but one of the patients stayed at West, which was wonderful!

What attracted you to CDC, and what has kept you here for more than three decades?

I have been surrounded by great staff, managers and bosses throughout the years. I have always felt that I can reach out to anyone in the company to get my questions and concerns answered. I also love the patients we get to see. It has been challenging and rewarding at the same time. I can’t imagine being anywhere else except CDC.

Do you have any advice for new CDC employees?

My advice to new employees is to give the job time.

What are you most proud of when you think of the West team?

The staff does such a great job taking care of the patients. You never know on any given day what you might be walking into, but you are not alone.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy watching psychological thrillers and reading.

What is one thing your coworkers don’t know about you?

I adopted my daughter, Heather, when she was 10 1/2 years old. I am now the proud grandmother of 5 beautiful grandkids, ranging in age from 8 1/2 to 2 years old.