Paulette C. Sheeley


This employee spotlight features Paulette C. Sheeley, home care coordinator for the new Beachwood Home Care. Starting at Centers for Dialysis Care in 1997 at the East facility, Paulette shared that delivering nursing care at East was an education in itself. Paulette enjoys the responsibility of educating and assisting patients with whatever is needed during this often-difficult transition to dialysis

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More About Paulette

Paulette began her nursing career at Mount Sinai Medical Center. She spent one year in the operating room, nine years in the S.I.C.U, and the remainder of her time in the Kidney Dialysis Center (KDC). Watching the dialysis nurses care for patients in the intensive care unit piqued her interest in dialysis. When a position became available she applied, and her education in nephrology began.

Starting at Centers for Dialysis Care in 1997 at the CDC East facility, Paulette shared that delivering nursing care at East was an education in itself. She learned how to take care of dialysis patients with all sorts of issues. While at East, she furthered her education with a bachelor’s degree in nursing as well as a master’s degree in nursing with a focus on education. She has held various positions within CDC and is currently home care coordinator for the new Beachwood Home Care.

Paulette notes she enjoys nephrology because of the educational aspect and the ability to assist patients with a major lifestyle change. She is cognizant of the very difficult adjustment to the diagnosis of renal failure, the renal diet, and the demands of coming to treatment or completing treatments at home. Paulette understands the role of the renal nurse and enjoys the responsibility of educating and assisting patients with whatever is needed during this often-difficult transition. She states, “It is a good feeling to see patients adapt and grow to the change in their life.”

Paulette has also served on the Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing Technology (BONENT) for 20 years in various positions and is currently vice president. She understands the importance of certification for professional growth and the need to hold everyone to a higher standard. She has watched the care in nephrology grow since certification was initially required in 2000, and is very excited to have been a part of that growth and change.

On a personal note, Paulette is the mother of two children, Tracy and Robert. Her son has passed away and she misses him, but she also now has two grandchildren who have taken up some of her time.

Paulette also shared that she has two hobbies: quilting and biking. She quilts as much as possible during the year, especially in the winter. She belongs to the African American Quilt and Doll Guild. Their mission is to promote quilting and doll-making to anyone who desires to learn. Quilting is an avid passion, and it relaxes her after a long day at work. Paulette also enjoys biking and she rides every chance she gets. She feels biking is a relaxing activity, which helps to keep her weight in check. In the summer, she takes long rides, maybe 15-18 miles, if she feels the need.

Thank you, Paulette, for your commitment to patient-centered care!