Eydie Washington

This employee spotlight features Eydie Washington, Advanced Clinical Technician at Centers for Dialysis Care Euclid. Eydie graduated from Cleveland State University with a Bachelor of Science degree and began her employment with CDC in September of 1990 after responding to an ad for a patient care technician. With a desire for work in the medical field and specifically in an outpatient setting, Eydie found dialysis to be a perfect fit.

More About Eydie

Over the course of more than 30 years, she has gained personal satisfaction in providing excellent patient care, something that is validated by both her patients and her coworkers. Additionally, providing excellent patient care and receiving that endorsement from her patients and coworkers remains a top priority and that is what gives her the most joy.

Eydie credits her success and continued growth to her coworkers. Eydie’s best friend, Lenora Price, has the title of the “voice of reason.” She is often consulted when there is a need for sound advice. Eydie also credits Joanne Hall as her role model for providing compassionate patient care. She thinks of Joanne when challenging issues arise. Eydie also thanks Wanda Johnson for teaching her excellent leadership skills and Linda Kabasan for providing in-depth training needed to become an excellent technician.

While learning to be a strong dialysis technician takes time, Eydie’s advice for new technicians is: “Never give up. No matter how difficult you may think the job is you will be successful, and always remember to have compassion for your patients.” These words are especially meaningful in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, which Eydie states has heightened her awareness of how quickly germs can spread. She appreciates how CDC considers every measure possible to keep our patients and staff safe.

On a personal note, Eydie is proud of the fact that she was able to raise her three nieces after the passing of her brother while continuing full-time employment at CDC. She feels this, along with becoming a strong team leader and excellent role model, are her greatest accomplishments.

She does concede that one thing her coworkers do not know about her is that she is by nature a shy person and uses humor as a method to escape her shyness. Certainly, the leadership style, strong clinical skills and enormous compassion of Eydie makes her a cornerstone of the Euclid team.

We appreciate Eydie and all she has given to CDC over the years.