CDC enables me to live a normal life.
CDC Staff 1
Dialysis helped me be normal again and be the vibrant person I used to be.
CDC Staff 2
Because of dialysis, I have enough energy to plan a luncheon for my closest friends.
CDC Staff 3
CDC helped me start the career I always wanted.


The Centers for Dialysis Care (CDC) is a non-profit independent provider of dialysis and related health services to individuals with kidney failure. For 40 years, CDC has been a leading innovator providing outstanding patient-focused dialysis treatment, education support, and training. With 20 programs, we are proud to be Northeast Ohio’s largest dialysis provider. CDC is a growing organization that rapidly responds to changes, attracts and retains quality staff, and collaborates with physicians, providers, and payors.

Northeast Ohio Renal Alliance, LLC.

The Centers for Dialysis Care (CDC), northeast Ohio’s largest independent dialysis provider, has been selected by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to participate

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CDC Kidney Education Program

The CDC Kidney Education Program provides free education and support to persons with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and their families to improve health outcomes. The

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Cleveland MOTTEP

Cleveland MOTTEP is Ohio’s only organization that offers community-based, culturally specific transplant, health and prevention education exclusively to the minority community.

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CDC Access Care Center

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CDC Access Care Center

Our dedicated professionals provide prompt response and convenient care so that dialysis patients will not miss a treatment. Learn More
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